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Kicking Depression's Ugly Butt
by: Dr. Robert Westermeyer
  kicking depressionKicking Depression's Ugly Butt takes a "divide and conquer" approach to defeating depression. Dr. Robert Westermeyer, a San Diego psychologist specializing in cognitive therapy, has assembled this self-help book that mirrors the successful cognitive therapy program he designed for a respected psychiatric hospital. After reading Kicking Depression's Ugly Butt, many readers will have a completely different understanding of why depression endures. More importantly, they will have the tools to beat depression.
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If You Have Kids, Then Be a Parent!
  by Jill Chapin
    sm If.....Then
Brief and to the point! An easy-read guide to basic parenting skills via the technique of reinforcing proper courses of action. It has been used by hospitals and medical centers (UCLA and Cedars-Sinai), and police departments (Los Angeles, Burbank) across the country as they reach out to troubled children by trying to teach them the difference between right and wrong. The book reads one direction in English, the other in Spanish, with two front covers
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  The Case For Character Education
  by David Brooks, Ph.D and Frank Goble
  sm Character EducationThere was a time when families, neighbors, schools, and churches pulled together to teach children values. But today's, broken marriages, scattered families, and busy work schedules have taken their toll. The authors tell why schools must return to teaching values. It gives examples of schools which have successful programs in place, and tells how to implement programs in your children's schools. A must for school administrators, teachers, and parents.
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Airfare Secrets Exposed (3rd ed.)
  by Joel Leach and Carey Christensen
    sm Airfare
Save hundreds of dollars when you fly domestically or internationally, for business or pleasure! Save 20-50% by using consolidators and bucket shops (nationwide list included). Learn which day of the week airlines post discount fares. Also learn all about: flying as a courier, Air Passes, Airfare Havens, Ticket Auctions, Status Fares, Charters, Internet shopping, and more! One entire chapter dedicated to Tips, Tricks, and Secrets the airlines don't want you to know. Nine appendices full of helpful information.
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Earthquake Prepared (2nd ed.)
  by Joel Leach
  sm EarthquakeThis best-selling book is by an author who lived through the 1994 Northridge earthquake that did more than 20 billion dollars worth of damage! It uses simple instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams to show how to protect both your family and your valued possessions-everything from hanging pictures and artwork to your computer, television, and refrigerator. The appendix lists manufacturers of specially designed earthquake-resistant products complete with manufacturers' addresses, telephone, and fax numbers.
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